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Qi Clinic Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine also offers a range or remedial massage treatments and cupping therapy.

Remedial Cupping

Cupping is the practice of using suction to release tension and pain from the body by restoring bloodflow to resolve inflammation that can remain in the body after trauma and injury.Cupping is effective due to its ability to disperse stagnation and deconstrict tissue fibres.Increasing bloodflow and oxygen supply to muscle tissue encourages efficient metabolic uptake, causing a release of tightness and thus pain reduction. This is a relaxing and enjoyable technique,which can be applied on most areas of the body. Apart from being used to release muscular tightness,cupping is also able to be used in facial rejuvenation techniques,abdominal/digestive issues, cellulite reduction and scar and stretchmark reduction.

Fluid Bodywork Therapy

Fluid Bodywork originated from a technique called ‘Shifting’ and is a comprehensive therapeutic method developed by Dr Milton Trager, known as ,Trager Therapy'. It is a rhythmic, flowing rocking technique of the whole body, which is applied simultaneously with pressure point work and short deep tissue strokes. The limbs are gently moved in their natural range of motion with light traction applied to gently stretch out the muscles. Fluid Bodywork facilitates deep relaxation of the Body and mind and works to break up neuromuscular holding patterns as a response to rocking of the client into a freer and lighter feeling. This is a very comfortable form of bodywork that is calming and relaxing.

Hot Stone Massage and Meridian balance

As in many ancient cultures,Chinese medicine has a long history of using heated stones as a means of treating disease.In this soothing therapeutic massage,both manual massage and heated volcanic basalt stones are used to relax and re-energise the body.Stones are placed on energy centres on specific meridians (also known as Chakras ) ,warming and stimulating free flow of energy throughout the body.Reduces stress,enhances lymphatic drainage and melts away muscle tension

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